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Dear all, we have some plans for this summer!! It is showtime!
It’s a plan of Laili and me after doing a few choreography courses, to really engage the students in promoting their passion and their hobby and with it our dance studio. We want THEM to show what partnerdance is! We focus mainly on zouk and bachata. Most people know the carnaval samba and salsa, but the other dances are so nice but they are less known because people just don’t know about it or have never seen it. One of the things you hear regularly when we talk about zouk is ‘ah you dance zumba’ or ‘kizumba’. But of course it’s something else and it can be difficult to describe what is different or what is so nice about it. And it’s so easy when you show people what it is and they immediately get a feeling with it. They don’t have to think about technical differences; it’s about whether they like it and what feeling it provokes with them. Some people love it instantly, some people think it’s not for them. And that’s all fine. We don’t want to make all people dance zouk; we want to reach all these pf people that would love to dance, but just don’t know about it.

I want to drive around in our DA van and jump out of the wagon, dance, jump back in and do at least 100 locations this summer, show them zouk and bachata, and hang out with crazy fun students and teachers :))))

We have a lot of possibilities to offer in our show-on-the-go. Depending on the venue, on the location, the request and on the possibilities at that time. Our teachers and our students are trained in freestyle social dance. If that is more applicable to that specific event, we can do freestyle dancing. But really what we would like to show is a set piece, a choreography, because then we can really tell a story. When everybody wears the same costumes and knows what to do it is a beautiful way to get the message across.

Actually, everthing you perform before an audience is a show. A choreography is in that sense one of the tools you have as a showmaker or as a choreographer to bring across your idea and to make it reproducable. With that, you can consistantly show the same thing. With freestyle dancing, every dance can be quite different. In the demo-training we also train people to use freestyle dance but at the same time to consistantly focus on showing the same thing. If you look at a theater, you have the background to make a decor, you have the sound real, you have the light plan to help you make a show. That is not within the scope of what we are doing now. We want our show to be close to partnerdance and appeal to people in a way that they might think: “oh this could be me”.

So what we are setting up is a show team, but with a special goal: to engage the audience and give them the feeling: “ah this is nice, I would like to do this”! Sometimes when we perform with our team of teachers at a festival, then of course we want to show the best dance we have, to come up with new moves and new ideas. It’s like a car convention: show your newest stuff and high tech. What we want to do with this team is about showing the dance, show the feeling and showing the variety of the people that dance the dance. So this is not about the cars and gears, but this is really showing people: “we love to drive”.

If you want to join, you have to have a little zouk or bachata experience and be willing to perform.
The main group will be the people who have done the choreo-training in zouk/bachata and the demo training. These will also be the tools we will use mainly to do the freestyle dance or the choreography. The great thing is, is that possibilities are open and there are several things we can do: we can work with couples and with groups. If we have a team with a bit of variety, we can make a lot of different performances which will appeal to different people and will show the width of the dance school as well.
So if you want to join, you should register no later then the 25rd of may. That way you can still join in in the training of the latest choreography that is called ‘lost without you’. I hope this appeals to the listeners at home because it refers to them. We need you. We need to incorporate all those people to get other people to start to dance. It’s like a snowball effect. A snowball effect in the heart of summer.

In summer there will be a lot of outdoor festivities and festivals in the whole of Holland. There will be stages in every village and in every burrow of the city. There will be a lot venues. A few where we have performed previously is the city stage in Delfshaven or the open theater near the big church. So these are a few examples of the stages we have done in Rotterdam, but our scope is not only Rotterdam.We would like to include the whole province of South Holland and possibly beyond.
In february we were at the Brazilian Dance Festival in Amsterdam which was great!! We will of course perform at DA Dance Festival in june in Rotterdam at Oostervant. So if these choreographies go well, we would like to do more festivals. Because festivals fit our vision: they also want to show the roots of the dance. They don’t only showcase the highest acrobatic performances, but also show the participants who join the festival, who are actually the stars of the festival.
An other example where we regularly perform is the Delft Stadsbal. It will be the 21st of September so probably that is another venue we will showcase. It is taking place at Theater de Veste, a beautiful location. If you want to perform in the theater, you definitely should join the team!