Universal Partner Dance: One language for all!!!!

Universal partner dance is my Magnum Opus, my big passion. I firmly believe that before spoken or written language, we used a language that consisted of sound and a language of the body. Dance is the combination of these languages. Those basal or underlying layers of communications were probably the reason why we were able to develop culture and subsequently … Read More

Willem on genderneutrality

Willem, you recently made an interesting post on Facebook. It was about genderneutrality. What do you mean by genderneutrality? It doesn’t mean everybody should be without gender, but it means that all the roles,etiquettes and behaviours that normally are ascribed or attached to a gender, we could also let go. In short it means that we stop seeing each other … Read More

Teacher Course 2019 coming up!! Willem elaborates

Last month we spoke about your vision on teaching. We understand you are doing a Teacher Course (TC) in 2019 again. A great opportunity for us to see and maybe even experience how you put your vision in practice. Can you tell us what is the essence of TC2019? We did a similar edition in 2017.  We skipped one year … Read More

Willem on teaching

Hi Willem! This month we would like to zoom in more on your vision on teaching! Is there a difference in the way you organise your classes compared to other dance schools or teachers, in partner dance specifically? I think there are a lot of differences. Some choices in organising are very consciously made and  some have a lot to … Read More

Willem on dance, development & society

I think it’s beautiful that we as teachers can add to this process. Sometimes the development happens in a day, sometimes it happens over years, but I see personal growth in all of our students here. I think it’s also very clear for themselves, even if they don’t put it in words. We have students in our studio that are … Read More

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