Bachata is a social dance originally from the Dominican Republic. Bachata can be danced in closed, semi-closed or open positions. Unlike other partner dances it doesn’t include many turn patterns. Bachata is sensual and fun. In the style bachata sensual movements of the upperbody are added.

In this class we teach you essentials from traditional (footwork) bachata to moderna and body movements. With this set of skills you will understand bachata flow and are ready to use your dancing skills for fusion songs like Prince Royce and Dani J!

In this course you will learn the basic footwork and turns of bachata and how to make  cool combinations.
We will give you that Bachata groove & feeling and in no time you’ll be ready to hit the dancefloor

This course is for absolute beginners or people that want to perfection their footwork or bachata feeling.

In this course we will combine isolations and bachata into the cool and sexy combinations typical for this style.

This course is for people that are already comfortable with bachata moderna footwork and turns and have followed or are following Isolations and sensual connection.

This course is all about bachata SENSUAL connection.
You will learn the basics of dancing with body intention and how to prepare use your body for basic partner isolations.

This course is for people that know bachata basics and want to start with Bachata Sensual.