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DA Dance Festival

June 28, 2019 - June 30, 2019

DA Dance Festival 28-30 june 2019

Yesss it is happening! the first DA Dance Festival, right here in Rotterdam.

4 rooms with workshops
1 room universal partner dance
1 room solo dance
2 rooms zouk (fundamentals and advanced concepts)


Thursday 27 June
22.00-01.00 pre-party

Friday 28 June
19.00-21.00 pool-party
21.00-22.00 workshop
22.00-1.00 party

Saturday 29 June
11.00-19.00 workshops in 4 rooms
21.00-22.00 workshop
22.00-2.00 party

Sunday 30 June
11.00-19.00 workshops in 4 rooms
21.00-22.00 workshop
22.00-1.00 Party


During the festival we have parties every day!

DA Festival THU Party-Pre-party Zouk/Salsa LatinQuarter (2rooms)
2 rooms: Salsa & Zouk
Party starting 22.00 – 01.00
Price: € 5,00 (not included in the partypass)

DA Festival FRI Party – Zouk Kickoff party (1 room)
1 room: Zouk
Poolparty!! Starting 19.00 – 21.00 (only for fullpassers)
Partyworkshop: 21.00 – 22.00
Party starting 22.00 – 01.00
Price: € 10,00 (including partyworkshop)

DA Festival SAT Party – Zouk/Salsa/Bachata party (3 room)
3 rooms: Zouk & Salsa & Bachata
Partyworkshop: 21.00 – 22.00
Party starting 22.00 – 02.00
Price: € 15,00 (including partyworkshop)

DA Festival SUN Party – Zouk fusion party (1 room)
1 room: Zouk(fusion)
Chill night with LIVE music!
Partyworkshop: 21.00 – 22.00
Party starting: 22.00 – 01.00
Price: € 10,00 (including partyworkshop)

DA Dance Festival, zouk/bachata/salsa/afro, solo dance and more
Friday 28 June – Sunday 30 June: zouk/bachata/salsa/afro, solo dance and more.

Recreatiecentrum Oostervant, Oostervantstraat 25, Rotterdam

Willem Engel
Bess Kuil
Laili Reinders
Jolien Heeringa
Keith Halfhide
Jasper Zwetsloot
Vicky Chan
Tarik Ennad
Rogiani Jiawan
Louise Bax
Malu Bremen
Lisa van der Hoeven
Lisa van der plaats
Gert Faber
Eva Stolk
Lorenzo Tjon
Marije Slagboom
Rianne Jahja
Tim Olthof
Froukje Lenaerts
Sascha Jansz
Marko Faas
Remy Vermunt
Natalia Faas
Kevin Gumbs
Gil Lieveld
Alexander Bezuijen
Matt Mickle
Rabih Al Zaher
Roger van Doggenaar

DJ Xearo
DJ Freddy
DJ Merian
DJ Wendaman

Full Pass
Until 15 May € 135,-
From 15 May € 145,-

Day Pass
From 25 May   € 75,-

Party Pass:
Until 26 June    € 30,-
Party at the door:
Thursday: € 5,-
Friday: € 10,- (include pre-party workshop 21.00-22.00)
Saturday: € 15,- (include pre-party workshop 21.00-22.00)
Sunday: € 10,- (include pre-party workshop 21.00-22.00)

Combi Pass
Festival & Marathon   € 180,-

1. Registration online, registration via website: da-festival.nl or buy your ticket at the physical location of DA-Dance-Studio

After registration you will receive an email to register for all indivual workshops, please read carefully, all information is on the website.
Everyone need to fill in the form to be able to follow workshops.

2. Private lessons, are available during the festival. Ask the
teacher(s) you want a privite lesson with. They are approachable by Facebook or whatsapp. The teacher(s) can check at the registration desk which room is free and notify them of the plans.

3. Payment only via website or directly at DA studio

4. We have a limited variations of passes, only full-passes and party passes. We believe in clarity and direction. This festival is not a tastery but a learning experience, so no tourist during workshops, for that we have the parties!

Parking, under the venue we have a parking lot, for a small fee you can park here the whole day. On the street is paid parking until 18.00 and free on Sunday.

Public transport, within walking distance from Rotterdam Central Station! There you can find, bus, tram, train, metro, taxi. Bus 33 is the direct connection to the airport of Rotterdam (RTM)

To facilitate your stay we have made a selection of hotels and hostels and have made a contact sheet for couch surfing, so you can find the accommodation that suits you. See website

Clothing and hygiene:
We advise you to bring sportswear as it will be intense and these dates it tends to get hot in Holland. Bring extra shirts, deodorant, shower regularly(available in the venue) and drink plenty of fluids. For most classes dance shoes will do, for some barefoot or socks.

Code of Conduct:
Of course we would love for you to be the best and nicest and sweetest participant! So we made a list if what makes us happy, see website.