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DA Zouk Embodying Weekend Part 2: spinning & hair-movements

June 8, 2019 - June 10, 2019

| $225

INFO & PRICES (excluding hotel, including lunches and dinners)


{Early bird prices – valid till 1st June, 2019}
Early bird: € 225,-}


The embodying weekend part two is all about hair-movements and spinning come and learn.
Registration: To apply, please send us a short dance biography of yourself by email, and order the ticket of your choice. Ticket orders can be placed through this event page (fastest) or via e-mail.
Submit your application ASAP as we have limited places, Please note that your place is only secure when we have received your payment.
This training week focuses mainly on dancing, so it is also suitable for people with no ambition to teach. If you want to take your dancing to the highest level. Some of the areas covered are: footwork, posture, communication, rhythm, musicality, video analysis, upper-body isolation, creativity, musicality.
In 24 hours we will take you from the fundamentals of zouk to mastering the hardest techniques. This will give you an insight into the possibilities of zouk dancing in all its facets. For people who perform or want to perform this is a must as you will receive video feedback and one-on-one sessions during the week that really focus on you as a dancer with analysis of your strengths and areas for improvement.
In the Embodying weekend part 2 it is all about technique. We will focus mainly on hair-movements and spinning. Of course the material of part 1 will be repeated and the earning goals of grounding, posture, relaxation are still there. using the six pillars of the DA method movement, dynamics, connection, creativity, musicality, body-control will be the in every exercise we do.
In spinning the emphasis is on pointing the feet, bending the knees, keeping the inner leg together, sustained release breathing and making a frame and spotting.
For hair-movements, much of the same applies, but we try to get the upper part of the chest to surrender. curving, bending and tilting in a controlled an inward way. working on flexibility through movements.
Of course these technique will be done solo and couples. Then lastly how to apply this to the music, following the melody but not letting go of the rhythm using it to make grand finishes with spinning and hair-movements

Biography of your host and teachers

Your host is Willem Engel, founder of DA Dance Studio (former DancAlegria) He runs a number of dance schools throughout the Netherlands and has analysed the teaching methods of many high-profile zouk dancers. For the last few years, he has trained dozens of new zouk teachers and hundreds of students. Willem started zouk in the USA, Canada and New Zealand and is well known for his analytical and structured way of developing dance techniques and didactics. Willem has conducted teacher courses for 7 years now in New Zealand, the United States, Germany & Canada. In most cases, many of the participants now run their own classes and organise zouk events very successfully, especially in North America.

Willem will not be your only teacher either. We believe that, particularly with this type of dance, you can’t be thorough enough. That is why we have selected teachers from various fields. These talented individuals have Master’s degrees in their fields and/or have proven themselves over a period of more than 10 years.

Jolien Heeringa (Psychotherapist, holds a Master’s degree and works for the PSYQ)
Bess Kuil (4th year student at AHK in Rotterdam, specialises in African dance and contemporary)
Laili Reinders (founder of the Salsafreak dance school in Maastricht, holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology)
Willem Engel (founder of Dancalegria, worked as a research scientist in Analytical Biosciences)
All of these teachers have extensive experience in their field together with many years of experience teaching dance. Between all of them, we are very confident that we offer one of the best and most complete intensive dance weekends not only for zouk but for dance in general.

DA Zouk Embodying Weekend – Part 2

For those who completed the embodying weekend part 1. The embodying weekend is a trainings weekend for people who would like to deepen and broaden their dance knowledge and dance skills in zouk. Each weekend comprises 30+ hours of dance lessons. The curriculum of this weekend is a continuation of the embodying weekend part 1. As you are used to in part 1, you will get various classes and personal attention by one of the teacher to support your personal development in dance. This time we will work on more complex dance material and on the details of your dancing. We will work on hairmovements, spinning, creativity and musicality.

Why do we do this?

We do this because we want to see the whole world dancing zouk! The dance we are all so passionate about. That’s why we keep the week as low-cost as possible. We are also convinced that zouk has to be taught safely and with a thorough understanding of the dance. Therefore, by offering a professional teachers course (or education? we don’t really have a teachers course anymore right?), the scene will grow faster and improve in quality.

Why in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is cheap to fly to for people from Europe and Asia. Also, there is a long tradition of zouk teaching over here and we have some great dancers living here. The Netherlands was the first country to start and develop zouk in Europe and has the biggest zouk community in Europe. We make sure that the course is 100% in English.