Highlights May 2020

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Finally we can start dancing again! 1st of June we will start transitioning back into the old normal. The lessons will be outside, maximum 10 people and we keep distance. If you have a fixed partner you can join the partner lessons.

The online options will remain. during the lessons a camera will be present so if you prefer to follow the lesson from your house no problem. to register use the bueno app

The schedule for June will be the same as for april and may.

We are also working on a more permanent solution. We are reasonably confident that all restrictions will be lifted before the end of June, at that moment we will go back to a normal schedule and of course a lot of celebrations.

Online Lessons & normal lessons: How does that work?

Real lessons
For now we need to be outside, we have our own private place to conduct the lessons. For regulatory reasons we will have a maximum of 10 people and 1,5 meter distance. Fixed couples can join the partner dance lessons.

The other options are still available

-Bueno– pre recorded video
I hope everyone has installed and used the bueno app? It gives you access to a lot of pre-recorded video material, so you can practice wherever you like.

-Spotify- music on demand
We have also received a lot of positive comments on the spotify playlists. We will try to do this every month and also after the Corona crisis, we intend to keep you updated.

-Zoom- live session
TheZoom meetings were a lot of fun. With the right settings it is almost as if you are in the classroom
-Recommendations- What to do for online
– 4 meters depth, so we can get a full body view
– lights behind the camera (extra lights helps the camera
– use your phone’s camera with MHL-cable or IRIUN app on a big screen.
– turn yourself in ‘mute’ during music and explanation of the teacher.
– make sure you are undisturbed and can move freely
– The more fixed cables the better. cable connection between phone and screen and ethernet cable instead of wifi will improve performance

-Look at the lessons live- VLC Media player
This app will let you spy in on the lessons, as if you are sitting on the couch. You will have the live audio and video stream from the studio (the lessons monday, wednesday and sometimes other days)

-Schedule- Google calendar
This page contains a calendar in which you can click on the links to join the lessons, these session are unlimited available to all members in this month (April)

-Technical support hour-
We had many questions concerning how to log in, how to install. Which camera to buy etc etc. To try to serve you best, we will do a technical support hour, so we can help you with all these questions. For now we start at 12.30-13.30 every day. If the line is busy, use whatsapp (0629587759) and describe what you need help with.

-Chat via Whatsapp-
The following link will get you to this Whatsapp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/BfuKv6n1glP1G2LZfyXMKP. In this grop you can discuss anything dance related or life related, it is a social group so feel free to share.