Interview with Asees Chadha

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Hi Asees, lovely to meet you!

Do you come all the way from New Delhi to teach us Indian dances?

Yes, I come all the way from India to teach these dances because I have a lot of love for dance in my heart and I feel there is nothing more beautiful than two different cultures meeting. I bring the Indian culture and introduce it to you and I am sure you are going to enjoy it a lot!


Will we be able to pick up…? And is it both for men and women?
Yes you will be able to pick up the dance. As long as understand rhytmh or beat you can pick up that form of dance very easily.

Bhangra is a dance originated in Punjab and a celebratery dance. It is a very happy dance with a lot of energy and big movements. I don’t only teach this form of dance in technicalities and choreography,  butI also do bhangra workouts. Because it’s so powerpacked,  it helps you burn a lot of calories and so I teach it also at gyms. It’s a nice stress buster!


The second bootcamp will be Bollywood. It is what happens in our movies; it’s nice, peppy and fun!  It can be done for men and women both, some songs are only for men, other dances only for women. It is made on any topic, there is no limitation to as how you perform Bollywood so open to anyone!

Who is Asees Chadha?
I was born and raised in India, New Delhi and I’ve been dancing for the last 16 years. I started with an Indian classical dance and after that developed myself in several dances like Bollywood, belly dancing and a lot of fusion. Five years ago I started my own dance school, that I named ‘Nachanshah’: which means ‘Dance of the kings’. Me and my team teach and perform in dance. We have classes inside our studio and I also teach at the gym. I love to travel and the fact that I can combine my love for travel with my love for dancing is so great! Next to that I am a biker; I ride a Harley Davidson. And I love eating a lot of food so that means I have to dance a lot to burn all those calories!

Can you finish the next sentence: Dancing for me is……….

Dancing for me is therapy. Being able to express what I feel through movement. Things that maybe I can’t emote in words, I can put in movement. I can use my body and take my emotions out physically, make it in a form and get it out there for the audience to feel it. I can express without using words.


Thank you so much Asees. We are looking forward to meet you and experience your dance!