Julia Filament, artist, designer of our new logo and member of DA!

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This month we shine a light on:

Julia Filament, artist, designer of our new logo and member of DA!


How did you start dancing?

It was exactly here, one year ago. I always liked watching sports, but not doing it myself. I saw video’s of poledance and poleflow and I thought: “I am really going to try that!”. This studio was the closest to my home and also the most affordable one, which is good because I work as an artist. This was one year ago. I want to do also poleflow, I feel this is growing in me. I also tried Zouk but this was a bit more little difficult for me because it is, next to a couples dance of course, a structured dance. I feel I can be more creative in solo class; there is a space to combine it in your own way and what I like about it now is the freedom of movement. I feel very charged after poledance. When I go home after class I feel an amazing energy, very high level.

Sometimes we see you make drawings in class, what is it that you are doing?

The drawings help me to remember the poses and turns on the pole. It seems easy to repeat, but it is not that way. Especially when you are upside down, it is harder to remember.  I make drawings of the teacher showing us the pose and that way I can practice it at home. I don’t have a pole at home but it still works. For me it is much easier to visualise the pose and to draw a sketch than to put it in words. I draw very fast and than it’s there in my head to remember.


And as an artist, drawing is what you do?

Drawing is my daily job; I draw, paint and I do graphic design. I am a ‘ZZP-er’, a one man company. I draw for myself and then I sell my pieces. I also work on commission base,  especially when it comes to graphic design. Next to that I organise art events, art lectures and exhibitions. I look for locations for the exhibition and approach the artists that attribute. Techniqally it is about bringing people together, like management but focused on art events at this moment.


How do your work and dance come together?

Well this is interesting; I try to do a lot of drawing about the interaction between people. Dance is about interaction to me, so my drawing is partly about dance but not active dance and I try to go a bit surrealistic in my paintings. The interaction I see between dancers, I transform it to my own drawings as well. I watch a lot of dance classes online and by that I get impressions for drawings later. Especially I love to watch modern or classical ballet, because they dance in almost naked outfits where you can see the anatomy of the body and how it moves very well. So I use dance for study too.


Now you created our new logo. We are very excited! Tell us how it was created?

I watched Willem dance with different people on video and I took screenshots of poses I found attractive and which could be suiteble for what the dance studio is about. But a pose with a man leaning over the woman can look like a dominating position and not what the studio is about. So I created this logo that makes the dancers look equal to each other and shows two persons united. For me dance is when two people become one entity that moves, so I wanted to create an arch like the form people make with their own bodies. I think the logo really shows the interaction that happens with dance.


We think so too! Thank you Julia for the interview and see you on the dance floor! 


If you want to see more of Julia’s art or graphic design, check out her page:
Website: www.jfilament.nl
Behance: www.behance.net/jfilament