Dear all, we have some plans for this summer!! It is showtime!It’s a plan of Laili and me after doing a few choreography courses, to really engage the students in promoting their passion and their hobby and with it our dance studio. We want THEM to show what partnerdance is! We focus mainly on zouk and bachata. Most people know … Read More

DA Dance Festival

BLOCK YOUR AGENDA’s! The first true DA Dance Festival is coming up! DA participated in a number of festivals organising the zouk room, but this is the first festival where we show what DA Dance Studio is and what it stands for: The values of DA and the bridge that we see between all dances: solo and partner dances as … Read More

Holidays at DA Dance Studio

List of dates there are NO LESSONS  –6,7,8, 26 February– –29,31 March– -28,29 April– –5,24, 28 May(no bess lessons, yes, Laili lessons)– –10, 28,30 June– — 1 July — — 1,4,5,7,8,11 August — These are instead of the the holidays in previous years. In most cases you will still have 4 weeks of lessons in those months, in the cases … Read More

Universal Partner Dance: One language for all!!!!

Universal partner dance is my Magnum Opus, my big passion. I firmly believe that before spoken or written language, we used a language that consisted of sound and a language of the body. Dance is the combination of these languages. Those basal or underlying layers of communications were probably the reason why we were able to develop culture and subsequently … Read More

the Dancegasm

DANCEGASM A dancegasm, what is that!? A dancegasm is what most people would describe as a dance where you loose track of time and space and after three or six dances (you loose count) you suddenly wake up and you think: ‘Wow what just happened??’ It’s a dance where you can let go of everything and where you feel totally … Read More

Willem on genderneutrality

Willem, you recently made an interesting post on Facebook. It was about genderneutrality. What do you mean by genderneutrality? It doesn’t mean everybody should be without gender, but it means that all the roles,etiquettes and behaviours that normally are ascribed or attached to a gender, we could also let go. In short it means that we stop seeing each other … Read More

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