Highlights May 2020

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We are also working on a more permanent solution. We are reasonably confident that all restrictions will be lifted before the end of June, at that moment we will go back to a normal schedule and of course a lot of celebrations. Online Lessons & normal lessons: How does that work? Real lessonsFor now we need to be outside, we … Read More

Online Lessons at DA Dance Studio starting April 1st

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The fee for membership will be a flat rate for april, being the basic pass 35 euro. Unless you have specified otherwise, this amount will be automatically transferred via the bueno app. So please keep looking at your bank account and check if all is in order. You get unlimited access to the videos and can join all the zoom classes … Read More

DA Dance Studio Corona Update

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As e-mailed Saturday, March 16th:
Dear members,
As you know, the dance school is closed. Wait, the world is not going up in flames. We have to take our responsibility as a dance school, but we also hope that we as a community can take our responsibility.… Read More


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Dear all, we have some plans for this summer!! It is showtime!It’s a plan of Laili and me after doing a few choreography courses, to really engage the students in promoting their passion and their hobby and with it our dance studio. We want THEM to show what partnerdance is! We focus mainly on zouk and bachata. Most people know … Read More

DA Dance Festival

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BLOCK YOUR AGENDA’s! The first true DA Dance Festival is coming up! DA participated in a number of festivals organising the zouk room, but this is the first festival where we show what DA Dance Studio is and what it stands for: The values of DA and the bridge that we see between all dances: solo and partner dances as … Read More

Holidays at DA Dance Studio

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1 Feb – 8 Feb 2020, we have lessons and also the winter escape in Fuerteventura 24 Feb – 1 March 2020 NO LESSONS, bootcamps parties and embodying weekends might be planned during these dates 24 April – 2 May 2020 NO LESSONS, bootcamps parties and embodying weekends might be planned during these dates 27 June – 4 July 2020 … Read More

Universal Partner Dance: One language for all!!!!

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Universal partner dance is my Magnum Opus, my big passion. I firmly believe that before spoken or written language, we used a language that consisted of sound and a language of the body. Dance is the combination of these languages. Those basal or underlying layers of communications were probably the reason why we were able to develop culture and subsequently … Read More

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