Online Lessons at DA Dance Studio starting April 1st

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As e-mailed Saturday, March 31st:

Dear members,

We hope you are all safe and healthy.

We have taken a few weeks to setup an online lesson system. April 1st we will officially start with the online lessons. For us it is also finding the right mode, so bare with us the first few weeks to find the right settings.

The platforms we have selected for the online lessons are Bueno (the media folders contain the videos) and Zoom, an online conferencing tool.

The fee for membership will be a flat rate for april, being the basic pass 35 euro. Unless you have specified otherwise, this amount will be automatically transferred via the bueno app. So please keep looking at your bank account and check if all is in order.

You get unlimited access to the videos and can join all the zoom classes as long as it is available (we want to keep a max of 20 people per class). If you want to freeze your membership until we have physical lessons, we completely understand, so let us know asap.

Bueno is also the new membership app, which keeps track of your courses, membership and presence/absence, if you haven’t installed the app please do so. (You’ll find the links at the bottom of this e-mail.)

The videos are streamed from Bueno, so please install the app and reply to the bueno email you got (if you didn’t get one please email us asap). For the people who have already installed Bueno, the videos will be uploaded in the coming days, so don’t be alarmed if you can only see 1 video, all the teachers have been filming like crazy. About the videos, this is new for us as well, so we would appreciate your help in improving the quality technically and content-wise, to find a form that works for all of us.

About Zoom:
Please install the app. The dance studio is transformed into a film studio. During the Zoom sessions we expect a few things. It is a virtual classroom, so if you join the same rules apply as in a normal lesson:

  1. wear dance shoes
  2. no mobile phones
  3. really commit the time that is scheduled for the class. In the beginning we do 30-40 minutes as most experts agree that one hour class online might be a bit much.
  4. make sure you have space around you and you can put the volume up so you can mimic the normal circumstances.
  5. use a laptop or TV screen, or best get a beamer to get a big screen. We try to film as much as possible in landscape mode.
  6. we will record the zoom meeting and make it available on bueno or google drive

We are also working on integration of Bueno and Zoom into our own website. Hopefully everything works and runs smoothly during april.

For music we have two options. see the email for music

  • The playlist used by the teacher will be available for playing, a separate email will contain these list.
  • The second option is a google drive map, containing MP3 lists of song we couldn’t find we are uploading to this folder.

For Android users:
Bueno Student
Zoom Cloud Meetings

For Apple users:
Bueno Student
Zoom Cloud Meetings

The Bueno and Zoom portals on our website:

We have also a special experimental option for people who want to watch but do not participate in the lesson(like sitting on the couch). An IP cam is installed for the time that the studio is closed for the public. To access this cam use VLC Media Player.

  1. open vlc
  2. open media
  3. open networkstream
  4. rtsp://admin:VFMECN@


Willem & Team