The best way to improve your dancing is to take private classes. In a private class you practice personally with a teacher. It is a great opportunity for a student to ask questions, practice intensively and receive personal feedback. The effect of one private class can be compared to four group classes. The speed of your development of course depends on your commitment, level of body awareness and the amount of hours you practice outside of the class.

Besides using private classes to improve your technique, you can also use private classes to improve your show.

Prices are:

  • 1 teacher – 1 student is 70 euros per hour
  • 1 teacher – 2 students is 80 euros per hour
  • 2 teachers – 2 students is 120 euros per hour

Package Deal: order 4 hours or more and get 10% discount!

Private classes can be given in all styles mentioned on the website. We assure you the best quality from top teachers. For more information and bookings, send an e-mail to