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Monthly prices of a year membership:

  • Basic Pass: € 35,- per month
  • Half Pass: € 75,- per month
  • Full Pass: € 105,- per month

Other useful information:

  • A Trial Membership is only valid during the month of purchase and will end automatically.
  • A Year Membership is for a period of 12 consecutive months. After these 12 months the membership will automatically be renewed monthly, until notice.
  • Time of notice is at least 1 month ahead, via letter or e-mail only.
  • Up- and downscaling of your membership is possible every month, pausing the membership is possible for a maximum 1 month. Pausing the membership will extend the membership period by 1 month.
  • The first month is paid during registration via our website. Payment methods are: iDeal, PayPal or Credit card. Locally you could also pay in Cash or per PIN. The price or the first month includes the registration & administration costs, and therefore are equal to a trial membership.
  • Payment of the second month and onwards is via automatic bank collection, authorization is required.

For the happiness and safety of all our visitors we’ve drawn up a set of Terms & Conditions and House Rules. These are available here.

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