DA Dance Studio offers shows from professional dancers from their studio and their showteam DA Innersphere. For more information about prices and bookings, contact


Choreography/concept: Bess Kuil

Dancers: DA Innersphere (Willem Engel, Jolien Heeringa, Rogiani Jiawan, Laili Reinders, Gino Ossevoort, Rianna Jahja, Lorenzo Tjon, Suzanne Albers)

The promovideo of Momentum will be published soon here.


Choreography/concept: Lisa van der Hoeven in collaboration with Willem Engel

Dancers: Willem Engel & Lisa van der Hoeven

Desire takes you away into the contradictory desires of two people.

Brazilian Zouk Show

Choreography/concept/dancers: Willem Engel & Jolien Heeringa


DA teachers are regularly requested for workshops. Workshops can be given in all styles mentioned on the website. We adapt our workshop to your wishes and assure you the best quality from top teachers. For example we provide workshops at company parties, bachelor parties, schools, dance parties and student associations.

The price of the workshops depends on the duration, group size, suitable teachers and travel distance. For more information, please contact us .