Bess Kuil

Artistic Director
Dance Teacher


Bess Kuil is a dancer, performer, choreographer and dance teacher from the Netherlands (Amsterdam). She specialized herself in African Dance, Modern Dance and different Partner Dance styles like Zouk and Contact Improvisation. Apart from those styles she has been practicing other styles like Burlesque, Ballet, Salsa, Kizomba and a bit of Martial arts. She graduated at the Theater School in Amsterdam at the dancers department almost two years ago. She danced and performed in many different dance and performance styles in the Netherlands, Belgium, Belgrade, London and Senegal.

What intrigues her the most about dance is the physical communication you can have with yourself, your dance partner(s) and the audience. Dance is a universal language, that everybody understands. You don’t have to be a professional dancer to communicate with your body, so everybody can speak it.
As a performer, choreographer, dancer and teacher Bess mixes different styles and traditions. Her classes are about body awareness, physical communication, freedom in movement and the joy of dancing. The passion of this dancer is felt in all classes she teaches.