Vicky Chan

Dance Teacher
Bootcamp Administration


Vicky started dancing in 2001- first Ballroom and then Salsa. Almost 10 years later she found Brazilian Zouk and fell in love with it. She admires the unique way how DançAlegria teachers teach – structured curriculum, sound teaching methods and focus on techniques makes it possible for anyone to learn to dance. Vicky followed the full curriculum of DançAlegria in Brazilian Zouk including the teachers’ course.

Around 3 years ago, another Brazilian dance – Samba de Gafieira entered Vicky’s life and since then she is in love with both Brazilian dances. In the last 2 years, Vicky has been focusing herself in Samba de Gafieria and has been taking all possible opportunities to learn from top teachers including Anderson & Brenda, Carlos & Mirella and Juliana Brega.

Vicky is also an active volunteer in Zouk and Samba congresses, also in promoting and organises samba events like 1st International Samba flash mob in 2016 (the only team representing NL).

Vicky teaches Samba de Gafieria and she is also responsible for the administration of DA Bootcamps and DA Samba events. With her passion in sharing happiness and dance with others, she contributes to DA and the students.

When Vicky is not dancing, you might find her behind the bar serving you a drink or snack, or she is talking to someone about dance, food and life.