Willem Engel

Dance Teacher


Willem is a gentleman on the dance floor. His mantra is to make sure the lady feels safe and enjoys the dancing. As a follower you will feel safe in his strong arms. Willem’s energy is endless, his goal is to dance with every lady on the dance floor.

Willem’s love for Brasil started in 1999 with capioera. Shortly thereafter he discovered Brazilian Zouk. The sweeping hairmovements combined with the flowing body movements is what fascinated him, so he decided to devote his life to this dance. Since 2004 he teaches dance classes in Brazilian Zouk.

Willem’s analytical skills are highly developed so as a teacher he can easily observe and give feedback to help you improve your dancing. In his lessons the technique of the ladies as well as the technique of the gentlemen are important. But most important of all is a relax atmosphere and enjoying the movement!

Beside teaching Willem works worldwide as a artist at festivals and congresses (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, VS, Canada, Brazil, Argentinia, Suriname, Tsjechie, Germany, Greece, Spain and England). He experienced dance in many ways and wants to share this with you!