Welcome to DA Dance Studio. To keep our lessons and events pleasurable and accessible to everyone we set up a few house rules.

General rules

  • Visitors (students and guests) should follow the houserules and any assignments given by the DA team during their stay in and around the dance studio.
  • The dance school has the right to prohibit access to the dance school without assignment of reason.
  • Use of video or sound apparature (photo, video, tape, etc.) in and around the dance school is only allowed with permission of the direction of the dance school. This permission can be ended directly without assignment of reason.
  • Loss or damage of properties of the dance school caused by a visitor will always be charged.
  • Visitors are obliged to wear dance shoes and/or dance sneakers.

Use general areas

  • Visiting the dance school is at own risc. The (direction of ) dance school is not responsible for harm and injuries from every kind as a consequence of the stay of the visitor or activities in or around the dance school.
  • Bags and shoes need to be placed in the windowsills. Jackets should be on the coat rack. The use of the wardrobe is at own risk. The direction of the school is not responsible for any loss or damaga to personal properties.
  • Visitors are not allowed to enter the areas marked as ‘Private’ and ‘Stockroom’.

Use toilets

  • Visitors must leave the toilets clean after use.
  • Visitors are free to use the present deodorant.

Opening and closing times

  • The opening times of the dance studio are from 10.00 until 23.00. The bar closes at the same time as the dance studio.
  • At closing time all visitors need to leave the dance school.

Noise disturbance

  • After 23.00 it is not allowed to produce loud sounds in the studio because of the neighbours.
  • There should be no loud sounds around the dance studio because of the neighbours.


  • It is not allowed to park in the Chalonsstraat or Emmastraat because of the shortage of parking places for residents. Visitors can park their car in the Parallelstraat or in the Parallelstraat Westzijde, both next to the highway.

Smoking policy

  • In all rooms it is prohibited to smoke. Smoking is only allowed outside the dance school at the corner of the street, so the entrance of the dance school remains free. Smokers should drop their cigarettes in the ashtray.

Consumption drinks and food

  • It is prohibited to consume own drinks.
  • The bar doesn’t provide alcohol to people under the age of 18 and during activities with participants under the age of 16.
  • Excessive use of alcohol and the use of alcohol for people under the age of 18 is prohibited.
  • Visitors are not allowed to be behind the bar. Only members of the management or teachers team are allowed to go behind the bar.

These terms and conditions are applied on every agreement and/or activities of dance school DA Dance Studio. Hereafter reffered as: the dance school.


The dance school has the right to refuse entrance to the dance school without assignment of reason.

Visitors (students, guests,etc) should follow the house rules during their stay in and around the dance school as well as take after the instructions of the direction or employees. When the instructions are not followed, the guest can be forced to leave the studio.

Visiting the dance school is at own risc. The (direction of ) dance school is not responsible for harm and injuries from every kind as a consequence of the stay of the visitor or activities in or around the dance school.



  1. The dance school has the right to execute persons from a course without assignment of reason from.
  2. After inscription the student is obliged to pay the full amount of the tuition fee. payment of the tuition fee needs to be done before the first class unless the danschool and student agreed another date on paper. Inscription can be done written or electronic by e-mail or website.
  3. The dance school can cancel the course with grounded reasons (including force majeure situations). For example too little students or long-term illness. In case of cancellation before the first class, the student remains the right to a refund. When the cancellation is during the course, the refund will be based on the amount of cancelled classes.



  1. A course can be cancelled without costs in 7 days after inscription.
  2. When cancellation occurs after 7 days after inscription, the student needs to pay a 20 euros cancellation fee. However if the cancellation occurs after 7 days before the start of the course, the full course fee needs to be paid.
  3. When the student participated to one class, cancellation with refund isn’t possible anymore.
  4. The cancellation needs to be done on paper and can be send to: DA Dance Studio, Chalonsstraat 6, 3043 TD Rotterdam
  5. You are responsible to check whether the written cancellation is received (on time).
  6. Cancellation can also be done by e-mail. The cancellation is valid when a confirmation by the dance school is send.



  1. Your memberschip subscription can be upgraded every month and downgraded every two months.


Pause subscription

This can only be done in exceptionals situations, like:

  1. Long-term illness
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Long-term stay abroad



  1. Complaints need to be delivered written to the dance school owner.
  2. The dance school owner replies to complaints within 14 days.


Reminder fees

  1. Failure to comply with the payment / period as stated in a reminder, the claims go for collection. The course fee for the current period is directly claimable plus any extrajudicial and / or judicial and administrative expenses, interest on overdue course period associated with the collection.


The course

  1. With inscription the students should be informed about:
  • Global content of the course
  • Amount of classes
  • Duration of a class
  • Course times
  • Beginning of the course
  • Frequency of classes
  • Any other obligations
  1. The course is teached by a qualified teacher
  2. The student has the opportunity in case of force majeure to regain missed classes. This can be done on another day or with extra classes.


Catch up classes

  1. Students can only overhaul classes when they checked out their class by sms or e-mail.
  2. The class can be caught up 1 week before or after the missed class.
  3. Students are only allowed to catch up classes with a partner; you have to arrange a partner yourself. The partner should be at least from the same level.
  4. Students can only catch up classes when they still have an active membership which means the montly contribution is still payed. You have to catch up your classes before your membership finishes.
  5. Students can only catch up a class at their own level or lower. Catch up classes at a higher level are not allowed.


Notice. If you want to end your membership, you need to do this 1 month in advance by e-mail. Your application is valid when the DA team confirmed it.

Amount of participants. Every class offers 8 places for ladies and 8 places for gentleman and can be completed with people from a higher level when needed.

Duration and dates. The dates for the classes are on the website and are at least 40 weeks a year. We plan our holidays according to those from the schools. During trial class weeks there is class. In the winter and summer we have a special schedule.

Clothes. During the classes work-out cloths are obligatory (clothes that allow you to move your body freely). Dance shoes are required.

Presence. When you missed 30% or more of the classes, you are not allowed to join the classes anymore and you membership can be ended by DA because of too little time and/or motivation.

Progress. Our classes are classified in levels. When the progress is slower or faster than expected the advice can be given to join a class of a lower or higher level.


Final Provision

These are the general terms & conditions for this year. The terms and conditions of last year are not valid anymore. When a student subsribes for this year, he/she needs to agree with these terms & conditions. These terms & conditions can be edited during the year and errors are reserved. For every case that is not mentioned, the direction of the dance school decides. Disputes between the parties shall be governed by Dutch law and shall be disclosed only to the applicable rules of jurisdiction of the competent court in the district in Rotterdam.